The Spirit of our Community

Rules of Conduct

Your Participation

Participation in our community is personal. You are not a representative for your company or your employer.

Your Contribution

Everyone contributes. No one knows everything, but everyone can and is encouraged to contribute.


Make sure you always act and communicate with respect to your fellow members, both at events and in the forum.

No Competition

Trying to gain advantages about other member’s clients, implementations or business has no place in our community.

No Recruitment

All kinds of recruitment efforts are strictly prohibited. That goes for the forum and our events, and any other possible community sanctioned channels of interaction.

Our Languages

This is a Swedish community and our first language is Swedish. But as we strive to be an inclusive community, English will be used in most public communication and at our events when required.

Our Platforms


Our events are usually taking place on weekday evenings with two sessions on various topics related to the Power Platform.

To make this possible, the venues are sponsored by one of the employers of our members or by Microsoft.

This approach makes sure the minor costs involved are shared over time between those with interest in our community.

International guests are invited for some events, where a bit more sponsorship is required.

Members of the community are usually invited to our events one week before the general public is invited.


Our forum is based on Slack and all members are invited.

The Slack workspace contains a number of topic oriented channels for efficient and focused communication.


This website is used to distribute information about events and offer an easy way to sign up for the community and our events.

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